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Breakfast Seminar With Tesla and Martin Charlier

22 Oct

Our Internet of Things breakfast seminar in Stockholm on October 14 sold out within a few days. The interest in hearing Tesla’s Andy Rietschel and renowned London-based designer Martin Charlier talk IoT was huge. If you missed the event, you can read a recap, see Andy’s and Martin’s slides and check out the video and pictures from the breakfast here.

The event opened with remarks by Screen Interaction’s CEO, Pernilla Dahlman, who welcomed all the 150 participants with a short presentation. Then the audience got to hear Andy Rietschel talk about Tesla’s meteoric growth and what distinguishes Tesla from traditional automakers – like the fact that they are headquartered in Silicon Valley rather than in Detroit, Munich or somewhere in Asia.

The audience also got a sneak peek of the Model X, Tesla’s new model that is expected to be rolled out in 2016. He also spoke briefly about the Model 3, that will cost about half as much as the Model S – and thus become affordable to a wider audience.

Andy then talked about the benefits of a car that is connected, such as automatic software updates that make the vehicle performance change for the better with time. The car might actually be faster one month after you buy it, he said with a sly smile.

Andy also brought a Tesla Model S, which he parked on the red carpet outside the seminar room in Kungsträdgården in Stockholm. After the seminar, anyone who wanted got to take a closer look at the car.

These are Andy’s slides from the breakfast seminar if you want to take a look:

Martin Charlier’s presentation

The next presenter was Martin Charlier, explaining how designing connected products is different from designing other products. He spoke briefly about products with extended value proposition, new digital business models (like paying for actual use), services going physical (like home rental sites that develop connected locks) and new device ecosystems.

He also shared some of the most common pitfalls of IoT design, and spoke a bit about the added complexity in the design process when you decide to make a product connected. Martin brought a copy of his book “Designing Connected Products,” the next step for those who want to learn even more. One lucky woman in the audience later won the book in a business card lottery.

If you want to know more about Martin, read this interview conducted on-site or visit his website. These are Martin’s slides from the breakfast seminar if you want to take a look:

Martin Charlier Screen Interaction Breakfast Stockholm from Screen Interaction


And don’t forget to watch Bjorn Ängerfors’s photographs from the breakfast here: 

SI Breakfast with Tesla and Marin Charlier from Screen Interaction


By Christian Dahlström