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Service Design Drinks at Hotellet ‒ Recap

16 Dec

Our event Service Design Drinks at Hotellet in Stockholm turned out to be a great success. Around 100 people mingled, had delicious drinks and listened to Soundtrack Your Brand’s presentation on how to build brands through music. Learn everything about the event here.

On the evening of December 15, we hosted an event at Hotellet in Stockholm. We had the idea to gather professionals with an interest in and knowledge about service design, thereby bringing interesting people together to discuss how music can enhance the service experience. The interest was huge, and tickets sold out almost immediately.

The event opened at 17:00, and an hour later, our CEO Pernilla Dahlman welcomed all the participants with a short presentation. Then Alf Tumble and Magnus Rydén from Soundtrack Your Brand took the stage to share how they’re helping global companies such as McDonald’s and Starbucks create playlists of music that match and enhance their brands.

Connect music and brands

The audience got to learn a bit about how to connect a brand’s core values to music that reflects the same emotions, which, according to the guys from SYB, will increase sales significantly. Alf and Magnus presented a case study from their work with Gant ‒ they explained how they conducted field studies on competitors like Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger and how they managed to differentiate Gant from its competitors.

According to Alf Tumble, it’s difficult to find music that fits several different core values of a brand, but one or two per song is perfectly possible, and all in all the songs create an impression that match the customer’s impression of the brand. Along with a relatively cheap Spotify Business or Enterprise account, you can play customised music, fully licensed and legal.

We hope and trust that the event left all visitors with lots of new ideas as they later braved the winter cold to go home. Please be in touch with us if you want to learn more about service design and how we can use it to develop your business!

These are Alf’s and Magnus’ slides from their presentation if you want to take a look:

Screen Interaction Service Design Drinks with Soundtrack Your Brand from Screen Interaction

And here are some pictures from the event:

Screen Interaction Service Design Drinks with Soundtrack Your Brand from Screen Interaction

By Christian Dahlström