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The secret speakers at the world's most dangerous meeting revealed

7 Apr

The annual e-commerce event Världens Farligaste Möte (“The World’s Most Dangerous Meeting”) will be held for the sixth consecutive year in Gothenburg on May 24. Last year, former Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt was the secret keynote speaker. In this pre-event interview, organizer Bengt Wessborg unexpectedly reveals (!) this year’s two secret speakers.

Bengt Wessborg

Rock and roll, beer and death-defying attractions. There is nothing ordinary about the e-commerce event “Världens Farligaste Möte” that will be held in Gothenburg on May 24. This year’s theme is “Breaking the Law,” and Screen Interaction will have a team on site during the event. In this interview, organizer Bengt Wessborg tell us more about what we have to look forward to.

One of the speakers this year is Mika Packalén from TV4, who will speak about our joint work with their relaunch of football site Fotbollskanalen. What do you think visitors can expect from Mika’s presentation?

‒ Without knowing exactly, I think Mika will talk about their experiences setting objectives and what results they’ve achieved. This is something that e-retailers always like to hear more about. I hope to hear something about how to build a fanbase in digital channels in an era of hyper-competition, something that’s a challenge in which I’m sure many will recognize themselves..

Last year, former Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt was one of the keynote speakers. Who besides Mika will be speaking this year, and who are you looking forward to most?

‒ This year we have over twenty interesting speakers, so it’s really hard to choose. The diplomatic but honest answer to that question is that I look forward to all of the speakers; they all illustrate different perspectives in e-commerce. That said, it will be exciting to hear Mats Forsberg from Urbit, and Patrik Muller from Dibs is always great, of course. There will also be some speakers from newly established companies in the digital payments segment, which is really interesting. And of course it will also be fun to hear Rob Halford from Judas Priest talk about his successful and interesting life. I think he can inspire many in the audience on a more personal level.

So far, we haven’t seen that many design companies among the participants. Why do you think that is?

‒ Well, there have been some design companies here through the years, but there will certainly be more in the coming years as design and user experience is becoming increasingly important. Digital customers are becoming more and more sophisticated and demanding and competition is getting tougher. At the same time, other stakeholders such as employees for example, demand greater simplicity, efficiency and a good experience.

Last but not least, I wonder if you can provide some clues as to who the secret speaker this year is?

‒ Haha, I had a feeling that question was coming. Actually, I can reveal them to you right now: Alexander Bard and Micael Dahlén are the secret speakers this year. But I also have another ace up my sleeve, which is a necessity when you arrange the world’s most dangerous meeting, right?

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Micael Dahlén and Alexander Bard

By Christian Dahlström