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UX Conversations with Patrik Nordberg

23 Apr

– The experience we present in our physical stores needs to be adapted to the customer’s behavior in digital channels and vice versa, says Patrik Nordberg, Digital Strategist at ICA, one of Scandinavia’s largest retailers. This is the sixteenth in a series of interviews with UX experts, practitioners and leaders.

How important is UX design within ICA?

– UX is extremely important to us, because ICA is a customer-focused company. Everything we do is designed to make life a little easier; it also applies to the experience in our digital channels, whether it’s about recipes and meal planning, e-commerce or the in store experience.

 “UX is extremely important to us, because ICA is a customer-focused company”  

– Our digital presence has gone from focusing on food inspiration and marketing campaigns to offering everything from scan & go to mobile payment and e-commerce. Through digital services, we can improve and broaden our offerings to the customer. In developing these services, which directly connect to our business, UX plays a central role and influences the entire development from idea to finished product.

Could you share a brief overview of your UX process? What methods do you use within the field of user research?

– Entrepreneurs founded ICA, and it shows in the development of our digital services. Although we conduct early user studies and we do our fair share of market research, we know that it’s also important to roll out quickly to customers and test new features and services on the “real” users.

– That’s why we often let ideas move through the development phase quickly; to test new products in the customer’s real situation. This way, we get quick, real feedback on what works and what needs improvement. After new launches, the analysis become even more important in order to improve each function and service.

– In one sense, you can say that we’ve been lucky enough to have created long lasting content over a long time. This success has been a central aspect of our digital marketing channels as well, and we’ll continue to develop relevant content about food and health. And of course, in order for our customers to find our content, SEO has been an obvious cornerstone of our development as search engines become like a second or even our first home page.

I love your recipe bank and use it almost daily when I cook at home, but why isn’t it possible to sort the recipes by customer rating?

– Glad you like our recipes! This is obviously something we have to fix.

I will hold you to that. By the way, approximately how many visitors on come from your recipe bank?

– The recipes generate more than 60 % of our traffic, and most of it comes from organic search traffic through Google.

What would you say are the major challenges, in terms of user experience, that the industry will face over the next 5-10 years?

– The transformation from multichannel experience to a true omni-channel experience will be a great challenge. We need to adapt services and content based on device, channel, time and situation. The experience we present in our physical stores also needs to be adapted to the customer’s behavior in digital channels and vice versa.

 “Transformation from multichannel experience to omnichannel experience will be a great challenge” 

By Christian Dahlström