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Welcome to Screen Interaction Anders!

12 Apr

Meet the newest face in our Business Relations Team!

Who are you, and what do you do at Screen Interaction?

– I’m Anders Winter, and I’m one of the new Business Directors. I work with business relations, sales and business development here at Screen Interaction

What made you decide to join the team at Screen Interaction?

– I heard via a friend that Screen was looking for people. I hadn’t heard of Screen before that, but after looking it up and reading about the job, I applied. What made me want to join the team here at Screen Interaction was that we are at the forefront of our field. There is so much creativity and warmth at the company. You can really feel the trust and and respect here when you step inside the doors.

Could you tell us something that we wouldn’t find out about you from reading your LinkedIn profile?

– I have an educational background as an actor, and I play percussion in both a reggae band and a salsa band!

A lot of people at Screen seem to have musical talent. Let’s hope we get to hear them all jam together in the Cozy Corner one of these days. Next up in our interview series is Thérèse Elwing!

By Björn Viktor Ängerfors