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Welcome to Screen Syed!

13 May

New face at the office! We sat down on a sunny monday afternoon in our Cosy Corner and had a short interview.

Who are you, and what do you do at Screen Interaction?

–I’m Syed, and I joined Screen as an iOS developer.

What made you decide to join the team at Screen Interaction?

–Last year, I’d heard that people here were doing great stuff and building great things, and I wanted to be a part of the action so that I could also make a difference, helping people in their daily lives with cool stuff.

Could you tell us something that we wouldn’t find out about you from reading your LinkedIn profile?

–I play Cricket on a professional level in the elite league in Sweden.

A professional cricket player! Another talent to add to the diverse talent pool at Screen! Next up in the series: Kai Yu

By Björn Viktor Ängerfors