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Welcome to Screen Thérèse!

10 May

We welcome the newest member of our Business Relations team, Thérèse. Read on to hear who she is and why she  wanted to come work with us here at Screen Interaction!

Who are you, and what do you do at Screen Interaction?

– My name is Thérèse Elwing, and I work as a Business Director here at Screen.

What made you decide to join the team at Screen Interaction?

– I really like that the start point for everything is the customers’ needs, and I became interested in Screen Interaction at a breakfast seminar about IoT and Tesla. So when (Head of Sales and Business Development) Claes (Dahlstrand) contacted me, I wanted to hear more. After my first meeting with Claes and (CEO) Pernilla (Dahlman), I knew that I wanted to work with them and realised that this would be an excellent job opportunity!

Could you tell us something that we wouldn’t find out about you from reading your LinkedIn profile?

– I have driven from Zambia, through Malawi, to the coast in Mozambique, and I once walked the Inca Trail through the Andes – the proper way! I recently took up playing the piano together with my daughter in my spare time.

With another musical talent at the company, we’ll be able to start a band soon! Let’s see if Syed, who’s next up in our interview series, also plays an instrument, or what kind of talent he has!

By Björn Viktor Ängerfors