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Mobile Connect

A global mobile ID that gives the users control over their digital identity


Consumers use an increasing number of mobile services for which they need to log in. This means creating new accounts and exposing personal details for each service, in the absence of an ID that works for everything. Ericsson assigned us to create the global mobile ID of the future, which gives the user total control over their digital identity. The solution would need to work for millions of mobile phone users and be available on web, iPhone, Android platforms as well as a cloude service. We were given the responsibility of making their vision a reality, managing everything from brand identity to design and development of the new service.

To realise our idea of a new global mobile ID we needed a design and development partner that could take on the challenge from idea to finished product with good user experience. Screen Interaction met all of our demands and delivered all the way.

-Product Owner, Ericsson.


As a starting point three main target groups were identified: the end user, the developers and the operators. In order to get to know the needs and behaviors of the different target groups we carried out a range of user studies, for example target group analyses, interviews and global surveys. The user insights provided the basis for the concept, and users were involved throughout the entire design- and development process to secure user value in every part of the service. With a multidiciplinary team working closely with both the client and the customer the process of forming the new service was very efficient due to no handovers causing drops of knowledge and time.


The result of our work together with Ericsson is a service that enables customers to create and manage a global mobile identity that securely let them handle digital services such as banking, e-commerce, health, e-government portals and entertainment. Instead of exposing their personal information to every service demanding a login they can now save the information in one secure solution.


The new global service received a widespread interest among operators already from start. March 2015, almost a year after the launch of Mobile Connect, no more than 17 mobile networks operators have launched the service in 13 countries, allowing millions of users to take control over their digital identity. The service is not yet available in sweden, but it will surely be seen there soon. Mobile Connect recieved The Mobile Connect Award for Best Authentication & Identity Solution at MWC Barcelona 2015.

About Ericsson

Ericsson is a world-leading supplier of equipment and services surrounding mobile and fixed networks. The company has around 100,000 employees, with offices in 180 countries and facilitates more than 40 percent of the world’s mobile traffic.

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