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-Mina sidor

Cutting the red tape for parental leave


Parents in Sweden stay at home 3 million times a year caring for their sick children. Försäkringskassan recognised a need from users to run their errands in their mobiles, and they wanted to offer an easier, digitalised process for reporting care of sick children.

Försäkringskassan is responsible for a large part of the social security system in Sweden, and its target group includes everyone living in Sweden. With a user group of such a wide range of needs and conditions, the requirement for accessibility and usability is of great importance.

Screen Interaction really understood our customers’ needs and gave us a mobile solution that was a major breakthrough, both for us and our customers.

-Operations Manager, Försäkringskassan


Försäkringskassan approached us to help them from concept to development of a mobile service that could meet the needs of swedish parents. We started out by interviewing parents to get a deeper understanding of their needs and behaviours. The design was tested within the project and improvements were made based on user feedback.

Together with both Försäkringskassan and parents, we took the concept into reality. The development was agile, and prototypes were used to continuously test the solution. From each evaluation, we created insights based on user feedback, which became suggested improvements of the design. Together with Försäkringskassan, the improvements were prioritised and the next step decided.


The solution was Android and iPhone apps for “My pages” (“Mina sidor”), Försäkringskassan’s digital self-service. The service that was created allows parents to easily report care of sick children and check the status of their case, messages and payments. Everything is managed securely by a digital ID and works just as well on phone or tablet.

As the concept was based on knowledge about the users, the development process ran smoothly, with continuous user tests focused on adjusting details of the design.


Without any kind of marketing, the self service application (Mina sidor) was in the top 5 after only 24 hours in the Appstore in all categories. The app went viral and was spread through word of mouth and social media.

Around 70% of parents in Sweden use the service to apply for children sick leave benefits via Försäkringkassan’s website. More than 50% of the target group has downloaded the application and more than 40% of the logins to the online service are made via the app. In addition to satisfied customers, the investment in self-service has meant major savings for the authorities, due to fewer customer service calls and a more automated case handling system.

The Service was nominated to Guldmobilen 2013 in the category of Most Useful Service of the Year and winner of Best Service Innovation at Cut The Wire Awards 2013 and eDiamond Award 2012. The service was also finalist in Guldlänken 2013.

About Försäkringskassan

Försäkringskassan is responsible for a large part of the social security system in Sweden. At the social service authorities there are around 13,400 employees making decisions on over 40 different benefits.

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