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IOT solution makes saving energy easy


Most people switch off lights, televisions, computers and other electronic devices before leaving home. Fewer people turn off their heating, since they don’t want to return to a home that is cold. ATC recognised a need to create a solution that could eliminate a user behaviour that’s neither environmentally friendly nor economic, and they turned to us for collaboration.

With a unique expertise and ability to truly understand the customer experience, Screen Interaction has provided the best possible conditions for us to succeed with Scypho. We are extremely grateful and impressed.

-Trued Holmquist, CEO ATC/Scypho


To explore the prospect of saving energy, we started out by interviewing homeowners. Based on the answers they provided, we established that their needs form four core design principles: * Simple to use * Feeling of control * Comfortable temperature * Saving energy.

The core principles became the foundation of a concept for a mobile service called Scypho.

We analyzed different user scenarios based on an overall customer journey and a day in the life of a Scypho user to develop the concept further. We put together paper prototypes, which we used in user interviews to explain different scenarios in how Scypho could be used. These results were then analysed, and a digital prototype based on real front-end code could take form and be iterated. Users were also involved in forming the Scypho brand’s visual style. Designers and developers worked together with ATC in Design Studio Workshops to assure a shared goal and expectations throughout the whole process, and a solution both in line with the business goals and user needs.


The result of our collaboration with ATC is a connected home-climate control called Scypho, a device that allows you to reduce your energy consumption by only heating up your house when you’re at home. It’s a solution that learns how the heating of your house works and adapts warming after your habits. Using Scypho, homeowners can lower their energy consumption by up to 30% without compromising on their comfort.


This IoT solution is now out on the swedish market, available for every home that uses water heating systems. At the same time, beta testers are continuing to elicit Scypho user input in order to constantly refine the service.

The solution has received great interest from both business and consumers curious about an environmental friendly and money saving service for the connected home. Scypho was one of the top ten finalists out of hundreds of submissions in the Nordic Cleantech Open, which awards innovations in technology that improve the environment.

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