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The New Football Channel

An award winning digital solution formed in co-creation with the football fans


Since 2006, Fotbollskanalen has had a major impact on the life of Swedish football fans by delivering news articles and videos, livestreamed games, football videos and football blogs. During spring 2014, Fotbollskanalen faced the challenge of a service interface and technology that couldn’t support the rapid change in user behavior. The website wasn’t responsive, and mobile users had problems using the service. TV4 Fotbollskanalen approached us with the objective of redefining their service according to their users’ needs.

It was important for us to work with someone who had a general understanding of sport and how an editorial business should be presented on a site. Screen Interaction accomplished this in an outstanding way

-Mika Packalén, Product Owner, TV4 Fotbollskanalen


In close cooperation with our client TV4, we combined Service Design methods and User Experience Design to generate innovative ideas and prioritise concepts, design and functions according to user needs and business goals. In order to be able to create a new solution that added real value for the users, we needed to identify and understand their driving forces, needs, behaviours and expectations. In the early stages of the design process, user interviews triggered new ideas and important focus points. Ideas were developed and visualized in paper prototypes, and later on, interactive prototypes. For every section of user tests, the prototype was refined due to new ideas from co-development with football fans. The process was iterative, and there was a close collaboration between the client and us, which throughout the whole process secured a shared goal and common expectations. Having studied the users in depth, we understood the importance of giving individuals the ability to customise their own experience, follow their own teams, players and leagues without missing the latest news from the football world and share their experiences with other fans.


The end result was a hybrid solution that comprised a new responsive website and mobile applications for IOS and Android. We created a new content structure with new features in direct response to user demand. The new solution offers football fans the same online experience throughout the various digital channels. They are able to customise content themselves and keep up to date with information tailored specifically to each customer.


Asking and listening to the users throughout the whole process proved to be a huge success. Since the launch, the football channel application has been downloaded over 483,000 times, and the website has had more than 21 million visitors, including 2.6 million unique visitors. There have been 85 million page views and almost 5.5 million streaming starts. The bounce rate in mobile decreased 50% in the same time as the mobile visits increased. For desktop, the bounce rate decreased 70%. The New Football Channel was honoured with two gold medals in the categories “Best Use of Mobile and Responsive Design” and “Travel/Sport/Leisure” at the Pearl Awards 2015 gala in New York

About the TV4 Group

The TV4 Group is the largest TV house in Sweden today. Its viewers represent 30% of their target group of traditional TV viewers between 15-64 years old. TV4 is the country’s largest single channel within this target group and is Sweden’s largest website dedicated to football.

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